Wall climbing system

The purchase of a wall-mounted climbing wall will be a great solution for those who wish to practice their skills in closed spaces/rooms. The wall has 4 climbing tracks, 7 to 8 metres high. The surface of the wall (as in the case of a fixed and a mobile climbing wall) is made of PS laminate panels equipped with climbing holds. Each track is equipped with automatic safety system consisting of a double number of safety elements safeguarding the climbers.

In our offer we also bind ourselves to provide the following:

  • to prepare the design and the adaptation as a complex of free-standing spatial forms together with the solution for the embedding of the wall and supplying the wall base with a shock absorbent layer for the climbers;
  • to deliver and assemble the complete climbing equipment and the day-to-day operation tools;
  • to provide servicing and the execution of the obligatory checks both during the warranty and post-warranty period;
  • to train the persons selected as regards the operation of the climbing wall.
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